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Stock up on much needed supplies like paper, ribbons, and magnetic cards for your POS system.

1-Ply Paper Rolls (case) 2-Ply Paper Rolls (case) MMF Replacement Key For Cash Drawer.  Includes 2 keys. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery PLEASE INCLUDE LOCK NUMBER, IT IS REQUIRED TO PROCESS THE ORDER.
Epson Black and Red Ribbons (box) - 6 per box Epson Black Ribbons (box) - 6 per box
Magnetic User Card
Each card has a unique 9 digit ID in the format xxx-xx-xxxx. Please enter the highest number card remaining in your possession. The first three digits are NEVER 000, so please be sure to enter the correct series to avoid any shipping delays.
***IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR CARD NUMBERS*** PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS *Go to your back office program *Select back-office setup *Select restaurant misc data *Select system 2 under magnetic security card series number
Thermal Paper Rolls (case)